Goodwill Policy


Customers of PLEX Wi-Fi may be eligible for product code replacement within 7 days under the Product Guarantee Procedures if any of the following applies:

  1. You have not received your activation code for the pre-paid PLEX Wi-Fi plan after 24 hours since the time of purchase as supported by an acknowledgment / confirmation receipt sent to your email.
  2. You have received a code that is broken or not usable and that our customer support were able to validate the status of your code.

Product Guarantee Procedure

Product Guarantee Procedures does not cover purchases of pre-paid PLEX Wi-Fi subscriptions paid through building admin offices, retail shops and convenient stores. Additionally, if you file a chargeback with your payment provider or bank, you will not be eligible for a product code replacement. Product Guarantee Procedures applies to those pre-paid subscription purchases only made through PLEX WI-FI portal.

After review and validation of the customers claim, a Replacement Code will be sent to the customers email with detailed expiration dates and can be used at customer’s discretion.