Privacy Policy

Plex Fiber Information Technology Solutions, Inc. is an internet and web solutions provider offering its services to customers within the Philippines. In providing our services, we process personal information (personal data) from our customers and or their authorized representatives in which data processing is governed by Republic Act 10173 - Data Privacy Act of 2012, and various issuance of the National Privacy Commission.

Personal Information required from Customers of PLEX Wi-Fi

For us to accommodate application request and provide activation codes for the activation of a pre-paid subscription for PLEX Wi-Fi to customers, the following personal information (Personal Data) may be required as follows;

  1. Full name of applying customer
  2. Contact details such as;
    1. Valid email – for us to send customers digital and or acknowledgement receipt.
    2. Valid contact number – for us to send activation codes for customers to activate selected pre-paid PLEX Wi-Fi subscription plan.
  3. Financial information; such as credit or debit card number – for payments via Visa and Mastercard and or Bancnet.

In using PLEX Wi-Fi as a service, we also process other personal information through our platform which records data for us to implement our services. Such various data may be collected as follows;

  1. Device IP Address
  2. Transactions – which includes Subscription purchases, Amount Paid, Date of purchase, and purchase history including payment methods.

Purpose of Personal Information

We and our partnered payment channels use such customer’s personal information to provide our solutions and services with payment methods convenient to all our customers. Other use of personal information is to analyze and prevent potential fraud and financial harm to our customers.

Personal Information Non-Disclosure

In Plex Fiber, we do not disclose personal information (Personal Data) to third party unaffiliated partners and Marketing group. Customers personal information may only be disclosed to partnered payment channels for payment processing.